Dance Venues

These are dance venues near Billings, Montana.

Ballroom, Swing and Latin

Dance Fever, Inc. teaches Ballroom, Latin  and Swing dancing at 5710 Interstate Ave #2, Billings, MT .  They also have monthly practice parties and an annual Christmas party. 406-254-9595.  Call for current schedule or visit our website at:


Elks Lodge has country dancing most Friday and Saturday nights starting at 7:30 at 934 Lewis Ave. 406-252-8407.

Smitty’s Dance Hall, Grill and Casino has country bands that play on Tuesdays through Sundays at 3953 Montana Ave. Steve Gillis teaches country dancing on Tuesdays at 7:00 PM for free. 406-259-0111.

West Coast Swing

West Coast Swing Montana has classes at Elysian Elementary School has classes on Mondays from 7:15pm-8:15pm for beginners & 8:30pm-9:30pm for beyond beginners with a 30 minute practice session from 9:30-10:00pm at 6416 Elysian Road in Billings, Montana. 406-690-1611 or 406-281-1530.

Smitty’s Dance Hall, Grill and Casino has music Tuesdays through Sundays at 3953 Montana Ave. 406-259-0111.

Yellowstone Dance Company & Studio has practice nights every Wednesday nights from 8-10pm. 406-281-1530.